Pixar Short Films & A Way Through The Company’s History

Does anyone here agree with me on how AMAZING Pixar is? I’ve always loved its movies, ever since I have memory. But what I want to point out in this post is not precisely Pixar’s long-lenght movies. Instead, I want to focus on those awesome three or four minutes you get to see BEFORE the feature films: Pixar Shorts. Because, apart from being as great as any other thing Pixar does, they are a very interesting way to get to know more about the company’s history. What I did here was to write a brief comment about each short film Pixar ever did, including a video of it (as most of them are in HD, you can see them full screen perfectly), plus a bit of info about what was going on with Pixar at the time the short was released.

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2 Responses to Pixar Short Films & A Way Through The Company’s History

  1. Sajib says:

    Sad that I can’t ‘like’ the page you’ve linked to. Therefore, I just liked this post so that I can go back to the page and finish watching all the short films. I honestly never knew that Pixar made short films. Thanks for the list up.

    • fictionworms says:

      Yes, this blog is arranged in a very weird way, isn’t it?
      So I am glad that you now know Pixar makes shorts too, because no one should miss them! When you watch them, I would like to hear your opinion 🙂 Hey, and thanks for passing by!

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