Random – Fall TV Guide: 10 New Shows, 3 New Seasons

Finishing September, I found a very interesting article on IMDb’s Fall TV Preview, called Ten Shows to Watch. There you could find some information and comments on ten new series of the IMDb people’s choice. And you know, as I’m always tempted to try new series instead of finishing the ones I’m already watching, I decided to see the pilot of each one of those ten American shows. And any time I saw a pilot, I wrote my comment on it here. At the end of the list, I also included my opinion about the new seasons of three of my favourite series. As I’m only reviewing first episodes, my opinions don’t apply to the whole seasons, so maybe they’re a little unfair. Just take that into account, and now let’s go on with the list!

10 New Shows

Terra Nova – Science fiction

What can you do if it’s year 2149 and the Earth is so polluted and devastated that it is about to die? The logical thing to do is, of course, to travel 85 million years back in time and start a new life with fresh air, clean water, juicy fruits and… dinosours. Yeah, maybe this is not the first thing that came to your mind, but it is exactly what the Shannons and lots of other families do to survive. Long story short, that’s more or less the concept of the new series Terra Nova. So anyway, once I started seeing it, I was totally marvelled by it. I loved the dystopian world in which it all began, and then the prehistoric world as an alternative to a dying Earth. As I kept watching the rest of the double episode (which despite being an hour and a half long didn’t bore me at all), I couldn’t stop repeating to myself: Wow, this is so awesome! The special effects are remarkable, and the plot seems to have a long future ahead. You know what? It actually reminds me of Lost in a way. I can already see there’ll be lots of mysteries to solve, thrilling action scenes, a good dose of suspense, unexpected twists and interesting characters to unfold. As you can see, my expectations are a little bit high, so I hope the series doesn’t disappoint me. I think I’ll keep watching it for the rest of the season, probably with the company of my two brothers. Watch the trailer

New Girl – Comedy

New Girl‘s pilot begins with not much introduction. Girl breaks up with boyfriend. Girl needs a roomate. Girl moves to a floor with three other guys. As simple as that. The mentioned girl is played by Zooey Deschanel, and the trailer was enough to imagine we wouldn’t see much more out of her than what we’ve seen in the rest of the movies she’ve been in, such as Yes Man and (500) Days of Summer. She always plays the same sweet, weird, careless character, but let’s face it, she’s good at it. The three men with whom she shares the flat didn’t convince me. They just seemed so flat and overacted. And the episode itself kind of bored me a little. However, just as I was about to give up and decide not to watch the rest of the episodes, I saw how the pilot ended and it was so sweet and funny that I changed my mind. Besides, it’s the first series I see that deals especifically with friendship between men and women, so I’m pretty curious about it. Will give it a chance for at least a couple of episodes more and then see if it’s worth it. Watch the trailer

American Horror Story – Horror

When it comes to movies, I’m OK with almost every genre, but I have one single rule: I never (ever!) watch horror movies. I’ve always hated them. However, this new series kind of intrigued me, and besides, my younger brother spent the last five days asking me repeatedly (and by repeatedly I mean like fifty times) to watch it with him. So I did, and now I wish so hard I hadn’t. It was so bizarre and terrifying that I’m still disturbed and unable to turn off the lights. Yeah, I know, I’m such a baby, but please! This is too much! I see odd shadows all over the place and any time I hear a noise my heart jumps in a halt. You see? This is why I don’t watch horror movies! Two words: never again. And that includes American Horror Story. Watch the trailer

Suburgatory – Comedy

This series basically shows the every day life of a teenager called Tessa who’s forced to move from Manhattan to the suburbs, a place she hates with all her heart. First of all, I find the reason why she moves extremely ridiculous. Her father discovers a pack of condoms in her wardrove so he suddenly realises there’s something wrong with his daughter and all because they live in Manhattan? Mmm… Sorry, I don’t buy it. And well, the other thing that bothers me a little is that in the suburbs people are WAY TOO plastic and superficial. It is so unbelievably exaggerative. But I guess that’s the idea of the show, anyway. Those are mainly the things I don’t like so much about the pilot, though it also has some points in favor, like the main actress, whom I like quite much and think is a good choice for the role. So all in all, what is my opinion about the show? Well, it doesn’t really make laugh, but it’s OK to kill some time. I guess I could watch it while I have my usual caffellatte at the middle of the afternoon. You know, it’s quite entertaining, but not as funny as to make me spill the milk through my nose. So I’d say, yeah, caffellatte and Suburgatory are quite a good combination. Watch the trailer

Prime Suspect – Crime

Considering my parents are addicted to any detective series on TV, I told them to watch the pilot of Prime Suspect with me. As the credits started rolling, we all saw each other and already knew what everybody was thinking. We’re so not going to watch the second episode, I said. My father answered, never again in the (bad word)’s life. To begin with, the pilot bored me like hell. The plot is boring, the supporting characters are boring and the dialogues are boring. Even the transitions between scenes are boring, as they’re always the same kind of New York views and they appear too frequently. And then, there’s some use of the single-camera setup (a method of filmmaking used in sitcoms like The Office, Modern Family or Glee), which I find pretty annoying in a detective series like this. Ok, maybe I’m being to bad with this show, and maybe there are actually some of you who do like it. But not me, I prefer Criminal Minds a million times better. Watch the trailer

Pan Am – Period Drama

I don’t know why but I love period movies and series (especially if they’re set in some  20th Century decade), so knowing this show would take place in the 60s got me pretty excited! Once I saw the pilot, I realised that wasn’t the only thing I would love about Pan Am. As you may deduce from its name, the series is centered around the famous airlane Pan American World Airways, so logically, the story takes place in several different countries all over the world! Anyone who loves travelling will love that about the show. I don’t think it is going to be filmed in the actual cities, but at least the concept of travelling is there :] Oh, but wait! That’s not it! There’s another really cool thing about Pan Am, and it is the soundtrack, which is full of beautiful jazz hits. God, what a great score. The plot? I don’t know, I didn’t get to see much on the first episode as to give an interesting opinion, but the combination of 1960s, world travel and awesome music is more than enough to me. Definitely going to watch the rest of the season. Watch the trailer

Up All Night – Comedy

Of all the pilots I’m reviewing here, this is among the ones I liked least. As well as  Suburgatory, it is too exaggerative sometimes, and though that may work in many sitcoms, this is not the case. It makes the show look ridiculous and it doesn’t even make me laugh. Maybe it is funnier for people whose lives have changed the same way the lives of this couple did when they had a baby. And maybe that is exactly what this show pursues. It often happens to me that I like a series because I feel really identified with it. The main actors aren’t any bad, but the one who plays the mom’s friend is so bad, that she totally ruins the show.  Still, I may watch some episodes more, only if I am to bored and can’t find anything better to do, or just to practice my English. Watch the trailer

A Gifted Man – Supernatural/Drama

To begin with, ghost stories have never been my cup of tea. There are some very few exceptions, among the ones is The Sixth Sense to name an example, but definitely not this new series. I don’t know why exactly, but I am not interested in it. I simply don’t care what happens in the next episode. And even if I don’t take the plot into account, there is not a single thing about the series that attracts me. Like the music, the cast or the visuals. Nothing. If you are not fond of this kind of stories, this one is unlikely to change your opinion about them. And if you actually think ghost stories are cool, then I guess there are many others you’ll enjoy a million times more. Watch the trailer

Ringer – Drama

I had a negative opinion towards this series even before I saw it. I knew what the plot was about, and I couldn’t help notice how much worn-out this story of the twins exchange is. However, once I saw the thrilling beginning of the pilot, I started to change my mind and thought, wow this is not any bad. But wait! Because after some minutes, there was a scene (suposedly on a boat) with such horrible special effects that once again I changed my mind and thought the show was a joke. And so on, I continued to change my mind over and over again. The pilot is already quite convoluted, and it intrigues me to know how the scriptwriter will manage to unravel such mess. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’m going to watch another episode, there are many other series on this list that promise much more than Ringer. Watch the trailer

Homeland – Drama/Thriller

Along with Terra Nova, I think this is going to be one of the best new shows this season. Based on what seems to be a solid and smart plot, Homeland feels more like a movie than a TV series. This is supported by a remarkable cast and decent filming. Unlike Terra Nova, which is a series for the whole family, Homeland aims for a grown-up audience. There’s violence and nudity enough as for it not to be seen by a kid, though bearable for adults and maybe even teens. Considering I didn’t like any of the previous three series on the list, I was happy to finish it with such a discovery. I am absolutely going to follow Homeland. Watch the trailer


 3 New Seasons

Two and a Half Men – Season #9

If there was something I couldn’t wait for was the new season of Two and a Half Men. It’s not that I followed this series religiously, I just watched random episodes at lunch because it was the best thing on TV. But when the main actor Charlie Sheen was taken out of the show and replaced by nothing more and nothing less than Ashton Kutcher (though he would play a brand new character), well… I just had to see how this worked!

So I finally watched the first episode, and this is what I think. First of all, I didn’t like the way Charlie Sheen was removed from the show. Way too much dark humour, and it all seemed like a kind of revenge towards the actor for how bad he behaved when he was in the show. Second, Ashton Kutcher naked on air was such a cheap trick to make the episode better! I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy it xD, but come on guys, you could have thought of something a bit more original! Nevertheless, I sort of liked the new Two and a Half Men. I’ve always loved Alan, Jake, and many of the other characters, but I just couldn’t stand Charlie! I understand that a lot of fans are disappointed and hate the fact that he’s no longer in the series, but that is not my case. Moreover, I’m not going to miss a single episode now, just because of that. And well, yeah, also because Ashton Kutcher is in it 😀 Watch the promo (which is so funny, BTW!)

House – Season #8

House, another series that left us with tons of questions. Why? Because in the last episode of season seven, House crashes his car into Cuddy’s home and then just runs away. This unbelievably irrational behaviour gave a definite end to their relationship, which was in fact a way to take Cuddy’s character out of the show after the actress didn’t renew her contract for the next season. Pretty big deal, I must say, considering how important Cuddy’s character has been in the series. Season 8 begins pretty much like season 6, only that instead of House been locked in a psychiatric hospital, he’s behind bars in jail. What does he do there? The usual House stuff, of course: he plays smart tricks on the other prisioners, tries to help a prision doctor with his unorthodox methods and traffics Vicodin to deal with his addiction. There are rumours this will be the last season, and I agree that the show is not exactly what it used to be, but I really don’t want it to end. It has become my favourite series so far, and I would like to keep ansiously waiting for new episodes to come. Watch the promo

The Big Bang Theory – Season #5

No one was expecting to end the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory with Raj and Penny waking up on the same bed. Who would have thought of those two characters together! So the big question at the start of the new season is, of course, what happened between them the night before. In this first episode we get the awaited answer. There’s also some action at the paintball field, including a scene that made me laugh like crazy. I think that, unlike a weak fourth season that started to get better just when it was about to end, this one will provide us with the usual amount of laughter we’re used to. Watch the promo


And that’s it, for now! I really hope you enjoyed the post and maybe that it helps you decide which new series you want to watch. Now, if you excuse me, I have to get Hermione’s Time-Turner so I have enough time to see all the series I follow 😛

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2 Responses to Random – Fall TV Guide: 10 New Shows, 3 New Seasons

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for the list. The “Up All Night” reminds me of Hangover’s poster. :]

  2. Ben says:

    Ooh Zooey Deschanel! I love that girl. She is hilarious in 500 Days of Summer and Yes Man

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