Movies – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

He is the chosen one. He will bring balance. Train him.

Sixteen years after the end of the original Star Wars trilogy (1977-1983), a prequel of it was released. Avid fans all over the world were awaiting it full of excitement, queuing for hours to get a ticket and quiting work to attend the film. What movie could possibly live up to such great expectations? Well, Star Wars Episode I didn’t. Not only critics but also a considerable number of fans, hated this movie.  But I’m not a fan. I was born many years after the original trilogy was made, and this is in fact the first time I watch the entire saga. So I didn’t feel that same disappointment with Episode I. I liked, I enjoyed it, and I think it is overall a good movie. However, I could see some flaws, and though I wasn’t disappointed, I didn’t get that magical feeling I got when I watched the original trilogy. I like this movie, but I understand why many Star Wars fans do not. Continue reading

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