The Book of Bunny Suicides

Stars: ★★★★

Author: Andy Riley

Year: 2004

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Cartoons – Black Humour

Some years ago my aunt sent me an email which, as usual, included an interesting attachment she thought I would like. This time it was a file containing some cartoons by a British authour called Andy Riley. I had never seen anything like that before. In every single cartoon there was one or more rabbits trying to kill themselves. And always in a different way. What twisted mind is capable of creating such a horrible thing like that?, you may be wondering. I must tell you, however, that after getting used to the idea that this is a sample of the purest black humour, one can get to admire how much creative the authour is.

Sometimes you have to pay special attention to detail in order to discover how the bunny is going to commit suicide. Look at the cartoon at the right, for instance. At first sight you can’t see the way this animal is going to achieve his goal. Wearing a paper box? Now, read carefully the label of the box. Ahá!

How on earth does this man to come up with such original ideas? I’ll show you a couple more of examples…

tebeo del conejo suicida

Andy Riley got The Book of Bunny Suicides published in 2003, but the bunnies attempts to end their lives didn’t finish there, because two other books followed: The Return of the Bunny Suicides (2004) and The Bumper Book of Bunny Suicides (2007), a special edition including all the series’ cartoons. The books were bestsellers in different countries, which means that the world is full of sick people willing to see how these beautiful bunnies kill themselves (I’m one of those people, BTW).

I think that was enough, so I’ll finish this review here, with the following question: Who hasn’t been annoyed by the huge size of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix when reading it?

What the hell does that have to do with the Bunny Suicides?!! See it for yourself 🙂

– Written by GuadiRC –


5 Responses to The Book of Bunny Suicides

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  2. Julieta says:

    ha ha ha! This is great! I had never heard about it, but I’m still roaring with laughter! I’ll check it out now. Thanks!

  3. fictionworms says:

    I laughed a lot when I saw it too! It is so original and hilarious 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    I just read it from a thread of a forum and they said it was funny. Then, I remembered you had a review on it. Ha ha. Indeed it is funny but I have to see it for myself 🙂

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