Just Listen


Stars: ★★★

Author: Sarah Dressen

Year: 2006

Country: USA 

Genre: Young Adult – Romance



Annabel is the girl who has it all – at least in the TV commercials she did a few month ago. But since then a lot of things have changed and nothing seems to be perfect in her life. What happened to her?

Between her two older sisters, who have a lot of own problems, her mum, with whom she can’t talk about important things, and best of all: her best friend who believes she seduced her boyfriend behind her back and is telling that to the whole school, her life is a mess. She doesn’t have any friends, any support or selfconfidence. And she has a big problem but nobody to talk about, she hushes, although it’s something she absolutely should talk about.

Annabel always was like this, she’s afraid to talk about problems, whatever it might be. She lost friends because of that and there are a lot of other things that might have been different if she’d talked to someone about it. Instead of that, she just let it go.

Things change, when she gets to know Owen better. Owen, who always says the truth, loves his music, has his own radio show and believes in the epiphany. For the first time Annabel let someone in, begins to talk about her problems and to search for solutions.

In my opinion this book is very foreseeable. After the ten first pages I knew what would happen in the whole book, there weren’t any surprises. Beside that fact I liked it, it deals with a lot of problems nearly all teenagers have, sometimes it’s already a bit overkilling.  Sarah Dessen has a nice style to write books, and although I already knew what would happen it was fun to finish reading it.

– Written by Jana Alice –


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