Journey to the Center of the Earth


Stars: ★★★★

Author: Jules Verne

Year: 1864

Country: France 

Genre: Science Fiction

Original title: Voyage au centre de la Terre


I’ve always admired Jules Verne for being so ahead of his time. Isn’t it amazing that he wrote about space travel and submarines a long time ago before they were even invented? I knew about all of this, but never read one of his books from beginning to end (I tried reading Around the World in Eighty Days when I was ten, but didn’t finish it). Considering I decided to be part of a Sci-Fi reading challenge this year, I thought it was time to travel through one of Verne’s books. I grabbed Journey to the Centre of the Earth from the bookshelf and got immersed in this inventive and exciting adventure for a couple of days.

The first thing I liked about the book were the two main characters. I love Professor Lidenbrock’s curiosity and enthusiasm for science, as well as his impatient and irascible temperament. It reminds me a lot of Doc Emmet Brown from Back to the Future. I wonder whether that character wasn’t inspired in part by Lidenbrock’s. His relationship with the other main character of the book, his nephew Axel, resemblances also of that one between Doc and Marty McFly. Lidenbrock takes for granted that his nephew will be his companion in all his discoveries and adventures, in spite of Axel’s complaints and reluctance to do it.

Jules Verne

As I said, the main characters were the reason why I got absorbed in the book in the first place. But it doesn’t end there. Jules Verne’s engaging prose had part of the credit too. For a moment, I almost forgot that Journey to the Centre of the Earth was written in the nineteenth Century, because I didn’t find it at all dull, like I sometimes do with old classics. This book didn’t bore me a minute, and I passed through its pages without even noticing it. Besides, everything in it is described in a way that allows me to see it all clearly, as if there was an actual movie in my head. And believe me, it is truly worthy to see the interior of the Earth through Lidenbrock and Axel’s eyes. It is inventive and magnificient, and before you know it, you can find yourself wishing to be there too.

Finally, there’s another reason why I would recommend this book, and is that it grows in you the love for science. You start to find it (if you didn’t already) inexplicably cool. Jules Verne made me want to investigate about the interior of the Earth, what is known and what is not, along with many other scientific stuff mentioned in the book. I think it’s awesome when fiction encourages you to learn more about reality, and that’s exactly what Journey to the Centre of the Earth does. ●

– Written by GuadiRC –


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