P.S. I love you

Stars: ★★★★★

Author: Cecilia Ahern

Year: 2004

Country: Ireland 

Genre: Romance – Drama



Holly presses the wool pullover of her husband Gerry on her face and feels the familar smell of it. It’s like a punch in the gut and immediately she has to vomit. For Holly begins the hardest time of her life because her husband Gerry died. Holly and Gerry were the happiest couple that most of their friend know. They could finish each others sentence and understand each other without words, they were what the most people call soul mates.
And they had an easy plan: stay together for the rest of their lives, but now Gerry is dead, cerebral tumor. Holly is lost, everything reminds her of her husband and she doesn’t know how to live without him.

But then she finds letters, letters of Gerry, who tries to help her in the first year without him. He wrote and organized everything before he died. For every month there is one letter, which says what she has to do. The most times he wants her to do really easy things like buying a new bedside lamp or a dress. First Holly just seems to be living for the last messages of her husband, but with his help she finds back to a normal life.

Life is for living she realises – but it always helps if there’s an angel watching over you.

Each time I read this book it makes me cry. It seems that Holly doesn’t deserve it that her husband dies, they are a perfect match and still so young. Even though it’s just a book I have always a lot of compassion on Holly and her problems. This book could be a really story, everbody could have a husband/wife who is taken fatally ill.

The author, Cecilia Ahern, described the feelings and emotions very well and mixed them up with a lot of humour. So, you want to laugh? You want to cry again and again? Then you have to read “P.S.: I love you” and you will be sent on a emotional rollercoaster.


– Written by Jana Alice –


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