Stars: ★★★★

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Year: 2000

Country: United Kingdom 

Genre: Adventure, Thriller



What a could a fourteen-year-old teenager do to save the world? Well, since we know Alex Rider it seems that there are a lot of possibilities: Alex grew up without his parents, living with his uncle, Ian Rider, and their housekeeper Jack, but at age fourteen his uncle gets killed, because of a car accident. Alex just doesn’t wanna believe that his uncle didn’t wear his seatbelt, he was such a cautious person.

Alex gets suspicious and searches the car of his uncle, soon he finds out, that Ian Rider definitely didn’t die because of a car accident nor he was  an overseas finance manager for the Royal & General Bank as he pretended to be his whole life. Actually he was a spy for the MI6 and also trained Alex to be one, the things his nephew always had seen as fun, like scuba-diving and  martial arts, had a much higher significance. His world is turned upside down, but unfortunately there isn’t so much time handle all this stuff or grieve for Ian because the U.K. is in danger and the only person who could rescue it is Alex. The MI6 asks Alex for help and he gets his chance to proof what Ian had taught him and to take revenge on the people who killed him.

Obviously, as you might already have noticed, this is not a very realistic story (for most people it isn’t common that a fourteen-year-old saves the world), but a story for children. I know a lot of adults who also read it and really liked it, and although it’s quite a simple idea, a teenager being a spy, it’s also absorbing and has sometimes even a surprising plot.

I read this book for the first time when I was eight years old and back then it scared me a little bit, but nevertheless I bought the second book of the Alex Rider Series. I still love it just like all the books from Anthony Horowitz. He knows to tell stories in a very exciting way and his charcaters are always great, above all I like the “bad guys” in his novels, especially the bad one’s with a human part, there it gets a little bit complicated and for this reason it might be better if you read it yourself. I can assure you, you won’t be able to lay the book down until you finshed it and you won’t regret reading Stormbreaker. ♤


– Written by Jana Alice –


2 Responses to Stormbreaker

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  2. Ipodman says:

    Woooh…. I love Anthony Horowitz, he is my favourite author! 🙂

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