The Walking Dead

Stars: ★★★★

Author: Robert Kirkman

Illustrators: Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard

Year: 2003 – present

Country: USA 

Genre: Graphic Novel – Science Fiction

Volumes read: From #1 to #14

I’ve never been that into zombie stories, but I happen to love the TV series The Walking Dead. I could watch an entire season in a rush and I wouldn’t get tired (in fact, that’s exactly what I did with the first season). Eventually, I found out this show is based on a monthly graphic novel with the same name, and I bought a couple of books to see what they’re like.

The main character in The Walking Dead is a sheriff called Rick Grimes. During a police operation he gets shot and gets into a coma. When he wakes up there’s not a living soul in the  hospital. Not living, but there are people. Dead people who walk and starve for human flesh. Zombies. Rick soon realizes the whole town is full of them, and apart from escaping alive, he has to find his wife and kid. Now it’s all about survival and dealing with the few humans that have managed to stay alive in a world with no government, no communication, no shops, and maybe not even rules at all.

The best thing about The Walking Dead is that it doesn’t focus solely on the gore and horror of being chased by zombies. It is more about what people would do in a situation like that. Zombies just set up the context to explore the feelings and reactions of humans in a society without control and under a huge pressure (like in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies). It makes you wonder what you would do in that situation, what can be even more terrifying than the story itself. Apart from this, I like that characters in The Walking Dead are deep and interesting, instead of just puppets in a horror story. They evolve with time, and you get to really see inside them.

Finally, I have to point out the great work of Tony Moore. The way I see it, illustrations are as important as plot in a graphic novel, and they’re both awesome in this one. Some drawings are so beautiful that I would perfectly print them and hang them on the wall. I often just stopped reading to admire them. Unfortunately, I later found out that Tony Moore illustrated only the first six volumes of The Walking Dead, to be then replaced by Charlie Adlard, whose work is in my opinion not as good as Moore’s.

The paperback editions I bought include six volumes each, and there are like fifteen books of those so far, so there’s plenty of reading for a while. I recommend the graphic novel to all the fans of the TV series, even if you usually don’t read comics at all. It is highly entertaining… and good training for a future zombie attack. ☜

– Written by GuadiRC –


2 Responses to The Walking Dead

  1. Wow the illustrations are indeed great! ❤

    • fictionworms says:

      Absolutely! I got so mad when I found out that Tony Moore only did the illustrations for the first six volumes, because his work was one of the main reasons I liked the comic 😛

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