Stars: ★★★★

Year: 2008

Country: Australia

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Cast: Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley), Hugh Jackman (Drover, the horseman), Brandon Walters (Nullah, the little boy)

Genre: Adventure – Drama – War – Romance

Australia takes place in this wonderful country and includes great actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the cast. The film, set in the XX century, shows us more than just a love story.

The movie begins when a beautiful Lady from England goes to her own field in Australia to see her husband. But when she arrives there, she discovers her husband is dead because a wizard who lives there killed him. Beside this, there’s an other important problem. A group of evil men wants to get her field since it is the only one which doesn’t belong to the monopoly of their boss. In Australia, she meets some people who are going to help her to protect the field. One of them is a handsome and tough horseman and another one is an adventurous little boy. Their relationship after all the things they live together is going to change forever.

This heartfelt film is not only about love. It also shows us exciting adventures and action scenes, and it talks about history and wars, too. Despite the fact that it lasts three hours, it is such an entertaining movie. What is more, the acting is magnificient.

I fully recommend this movie. Spectators will cry, laugh and be very excited in action scenes. They’ll just love it. ♧

Watch the trailer:

.– Written by GuadiRC –


4 Responses to Australia

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  2. Smokey says:

    A great movie. It may have tried to tell too long of a story — too much of a good thing, maybe. I have watched it twice and am still putting the plot pieces together. But I can watch it over and over just for the pure pleasure of seeing my favorite actors.

    • fictionworms says:

      Thanks a lot for comment 🙂
      (and congrats, you’re the first person to make a comment on this blog! haha)

      You’re absolutely right. Lots of different things were told in the same movie, but in my view, they did it the correct way. At least, it kept me amused until the very end.

  3. Bluej says:

    Yea I love this movie too, great plot and great acting.

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