3 idiots

Stars: ★★★★1/2

Year: 2009

Country: India

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Cast: Aamir Khan (Rancho), Madhavan (Farhan), Sharman Joshi (Raju).

Genre:  Comedy – Drama


Did you know that the largest film industry in the world is not Hollywood but Bollywood? With more than 800 films a year, the movie capital of Mumbai (India) owns a distinct style  that most of us are not used to. Yet, I’ve always been very curious about it, and a few days ago I watched an Indian movie for the first time. It was called 3 idiots, and I think it is a great start for those of us who are interested in this country’s fascinating culture.

Farhan and Raju haven’t seen their friend Rancho in a very long time. About ten years ago, they went to the same Engineering College, but after graduation Rancho dissapeared and lost contact with his friends. Now Farhan and Raju are determined to find him and go from one place to another looking for any traces. In their way, they remember lots of anecdotes from the time they were University students and everything they learned from Rancho. Why did he suddenly dissapear? Was he hiding some kind of secret? And most important of all, will they finally find him?

In general terms, I liked this movie very much. But before saying why, I want to tell you what felt kind of weird to me. One thing was the lenght of the movie. It lasts almost three hours, and though it is not tedious, there must have been a way to make it shorter. Nevertheless, this is one of Bollywood movies’ characteristics, so it is totally understandable. Secondly, there are the musical numbers. The actors suddenly begin to dance and sing, and you find yourself wondering whether you’re watching Glee or if it is really the movie. But once again, this is very particular of the Indian style, and if you accept it, you are even able to enjoy the music and the coordinated moves. You only have to be a bit open-minded and these things won’t be an obstacle for you.

So, what did I like about 3 idiots? Apart from some funny scenes and tear-jerker moments, what I actually loved was the message that the movie tried to convey. “Chase excellence and success will follow”, says Rancho to his friends. He is intending to show them that the important thing is not to get high grades and being recognised, but to truly learn and explode your talents. I don’t know if, as shown in the movie, Indian Institutes of Technology (ITT) use this kind of methods that praise the memorization of concepts above real learning (though this ITT student assures so). But I can say I see this happening everyday at my school. We may not specifically learn by heart, but in a way we are taught to solve problems (of every kind) in the single way that they show us, what with time, kills most of the creativity and imagination of the students. The few who still care about their education, end up worring solely about the marks they get and not about learning. This shouldn’t be about saving more and more information as though we were a hard disc, this should be about adquiring the skills that allow us to create solutions of our own and explode our potencial. Apart from this, the movie deals with other problems at ITTs, such as the pressure the students feel and the high suicide rates.

There’s something else the movie conveys (there may be lots of other things, but these are which touched me most). I’m talking about the choosing of a career and how hard or misleading is when pressure from your family and the society and the will to earn more money mix up with your actual interests and dreams. I won’t tell you too much, just that 3 idiots deals with it in a magnificient way.

To sum up, I want to say that if you are able to watch something different (which is not SO different after all) you may come to enjoy this movie very much. 3 idiots is one of those films that, apart from entertaining, leaves you thinking about your own life, so in my opinion, that makes it worth-seeing. ☼

Watch the trailer ↓ (You may notice that it is half in English and half in Hindi. The whole movie is like that, since in India there are so many different dialects that they use the English language as a sort of unifier)

– Written by GuadiRC –

14 Responses to 3 idiots

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  2. Wow this looks very interesting. Thank you for this very nice review! 3 hours is quite long haha but I think I have to ready myself for it.

    Plus, since the topic is about chasing dreams and learning about life I think this will truly be inspirational for me. Thanks!

  3. Oh, I love Bollywood! As a child,I watched a lot of them – on the big screen too! Bollywood movies were those bright, fairy-tale, joyous, over the top drama breaks from the real life. Love them! Who cares they never really punch each other and you can see that?!
    Thanks for sharing! Will definitely look this one up!

  4. I enjoyed 3 idiots. It was particularly long (like Titanic) but for some reason it was worth it. I also love the theme they try to explain. Also, is it true that there are high suicide rates in India?

    FW, I suggest you watch the Thailand movie “A Little Thing Called Love”. One of the great movies in Asia.

    PS: I am an Asian :]

    • fictionworms says:

      I’ll add that one to the list of movies I wanna see! The title rings a bell…
      I also loved the message 3 idiots tried to convey, I think it is the best thing of the movie. I read in the IMDB review I quoted in the article (http://www.imdb.com/user/ur19501058/comments), written by a ITT student, that it is true there are high suicide rates among students in India. This person says the movie is quite accurate, in fact.

      PS: Really? 🙂 What part of Asia?

      • Sajib says:

        The movie is actually accurate. Otherwise it would not have been the top most successful movie ever made in Bollywood. People over here are pretty unlike the people in Hollywood. Because I guess Avatar and Harry Potter win the box office, not something that shows the reality under civilized society.

        I partly watched The Pursuit of Happyness and I think that’s one of the fewest movies that shows cruel reality in big screen.

      • fictionworms says:

        That’s why Bollywood intrigues me so much.. it is so different from anything else! However, I could see many things that looked like a Hollywood movie in 3 idiots… the parts when they danced, for instance… it looked like High School Musical 😛

        I have seen other Hollywood movies which are quite realistic, but as you said, they are the minority. I have The Pursuit of Happyness in DVD 😀 and I’ve recently watched it again at school. I love the fact that Will Smith stars along with his own child in the movie… did you know it’s based on a true story?

  5. Sajib says:

    It also represent our country’s (Bangladesh) educational system that precisely ‘sucks’!

    • fictionworms says:

      Really? Well, but you know… I think education pretty sucks all over the world, not just in countries from the third world as yours or mine. My father works at Universtity and teaches to students that go abroad in scholarships and often come back with a horrible experience. It’s not that they have a bad time, but they see another reality from what they thought before. For instance, some students who are studying engineering went to the USA and saw that Universities there also suck. Oh, and I’m currently watching a documentary about how bad public education is in the United States… it’s called Waiting For Superman. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t give you a complete opinion about it 😛

  6. stephanie joy eden says:

    oh my god!!!!i really really like this movie….phunsukh wangdu is so handsome and smart……

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