The Number 23

Stars: ★★★★★

Year: 2007

Country: USA

Director: Joel Schumacher

Cast: Jim Carrey

Genre: Thriller


With Jim Carrey starring as the main character, Number 23 is considered one of the best Canadian actor’s performances. Let’s talk a little more about this thriller that shouldn’t be missed by anybody.

Carrey plays as an ordinary man who catches vagabond dogs as his job and has a wife and a son. His normal and quiet life has a twist when he finds a book which talks about an obsession around the number 23 and it doesn’t take long for this man to get obsessed too. Trying to discover the origin of this huge deal he finds out an unexpected truth.

Accustomed to Carrey’s exaggerative grimaces, lots of spectators will be surprised of his incredible acting in this complicated and serious role. Moreover, the movie it’s worth it for its remarkable and gripping script.

I thoroughly recommend this unforgettable movie which, full of suspense, won’t let the audience stop watching it until the end.☜

 Watch the trailer ↓

– Written by GuadiRC –


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