Pearl Harbor

Stars: ★★★1/2

Year: 2001

Country: USA

Director: Michael Bay

Cast: Ben Affleck (Rafe), Josh Hartnett (Danny), Kate Beckinsale (Evelyn)

Genre: Romance – War


Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker have been best friends for their whole life and they have always had the same dream: being pilots! When they enter to the US Army Air Force their dream is coming true, but it isn’t always so easy, particularly because WW II has just begun.

Rafe falls in love with a Navy nurse called Evelyn Johnson, who he got to know, when she passed him through a medical test, although he has dyslexia, but soon he has to leave, because he volunteered to serve the Eagle’s Squadrons in the United Kingdom. Before he leaves he makes the promise to Evelyn that he’ll come back for her. And guess, where they’ll meet again, obviously in Pearl Harbor. But as you should know from history there isn’t everything so peaceful as it first seems to be in the beautiful island of Hawaii…

Although this is one of my favourite movies there are also many things I’d like to criticize. First of all, the movie is really long, it lasts like three hours, and sometimes you wait and wait and it’s just like nothing happens. Something else I don’t like is the fact that the protagonist don’t have so much personality, obviously Rafe and Danny are shown as two impassionate, comradly pilots, but there’s nearly no other features. The director, Michael Bay, tried to produce a mixture of a romantic and a war movie and both of this aspects get a raw deal in my opinion. Ohh, and I really got tired of love triangles, there are just everywhere:  A Midsommer Night’s Dream,  the Hunger Games, Twilight, the Vampire Diaries

On the other hand, what do I like about this movie? First of all, I like the filming work, the movie has really great pictures of airplanes and some of the war scenes are also good. Furthermore I just love the soundtrack. The instrumental parts of the soundtrack, written by Hans Zimmer, are beautiful and represent the atmosphere. Primarly I like the theme song “There you’ll be” written by Diane Warren and sung by Faith Hill. For me, although some sharp tongues might say that Michael Bay is trying to have an epic love story similar to Titanic, Pearl Harbor is already one of these movies you simply must see, at least once. ♥


– Written by Jana Alice –


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