Stars: ★★★★1/2

Year: 2010

Country: United States 

Director: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Voices: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider), Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel)

Genre: Animation

Producer: Disney

When princess Rapunzel was a little baby, she was kidnapped by an old woman called Gothel who wanted to use the magical power of her long and blond hair to stay young forever. Rapunzel is now a teenager, but she has never been outside the tall tower where she lives, because Gothel, who pretends to be her mother, doesn’t allow her to do so. Rapunzel’s dream to get out of her bedroom gets more and more strong until she makes up her mind and decides to get out. But before that, she makes a deal with a thief named Flynn Rider, who will guide her in this new and mysterious world.

I haven’t read the original story by the Grimm brothers, but I guess there were lots of things changed in this version of Rapunzel. It is always that way with classic tales like these, and it is completely understandable since the Grimm stories are usually too cruel or gory (apparently they thought this was the best way to teach children not to behave badly). Nevertheless, I do think that Disney created a beautiful and attractive movie out of this tale, which will appeal to the little ones and grown-ups as well.

One of the things I liked most about Tangled was their characters. Rapunzel is a princess, yes, but that is not an obstacle when it comes to running and fighting villains, jumping and hitting the bad people in the head with a frying pan. Flynn is also a very attractive character, not to mention the horse and the chameleon. Those too are really original and funny! Something else I loved was the multiple uses Rapunzel gave to her hair. Serving as rope to tie up a burglar or as the mains of transport from one cliff to another, having 70-feet-long hair always comes in handy.

Let’s talk about the animation now. I said it with How To Train Your Dragon, I said it with Toy Story 3 and I’ll say it one more time: AMAZING. Animation is equally amazing in these three movies. So detailed and beautiful that it ends up being a work of art by itself. Really, I don’t know when 3D animation started being so incredible as this. I take my hat off once again.

Disney loves making musicals out of their movies, and this wouldn’t be the exception. Tangled is full of songs, but they’re pretty good, I gotta say. My brother got a little tired (“oh no, don’t start singing again!”), but it didn’t bother me at all and I enjoyed them very much.

So what else can I say? The movie kept me entertained its whole lenght, with great action scenes, sad and funny moments. I really recommend it, it is wonderful to watch. ☼

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– Written by GuadiRC –


13 Responses to Tangled

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  2. I love this film! ❤ Flynn Ryder is so funny. And Rapunzel is so cute! Very nice film to watch if you just want to relax and have fun. The lantern scene is magical!

  3. [i]apparently they thought this was the best way to teach children not to behave badly[/i] I laughed at this statement.
    Nice review guys!

  4. Ipodman says:

    Nice review! I haven’t watched it but I’ll definitely check it out now! 🙂

  5. Lesya says:

    As you already know, I do agree with you. Wonderful film!

  6. fictionworms says:

    🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. eva626 says:

    man i still havnt seen this!!! and i posted about it too hahaha.

    • fictionworms says:

      I was wondering what you had written about, since you haven’t seen the movie yet xD… But I found your post and already left a comment on it 🙂 Thanks for reading our blog! :]

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