Welcome to the Land of Ch’tis

Stars: ★★★★½

Year: 2008

Country: France 

Director: Dany Boon

Cast: Kad Merad (Philippe), Dany Boon (Antoine), Zoé Félix (Philippe’s wife), Anne Marivin (Annabelle)

Genre: Comedy

Original title: Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis

Are you tired of seeing the same old American comedies? If you’re looking for a change, I think Welcome to the Land of Ch’tis would be a great option! This French movie makes you laugh your socks off with a different kind of humour. It has quite an original plot, which follows the vicissitudes of a man who’s transferred to an apparently horrible city in the North of France.

Philippe Abrams is the manager of the postal service in a city in southern France. His wife desperately wants to go to the Mediterranean seaside because she thinks they’ll be happier there. Philippe does everything he can to get a job there, but he screws it all up and he’s transferred to the North. Very, very North. He’s transferred to Bergues, the most horrible place someone could imagine. According to what people say it is extremely cold and rainy in this city, and the inhabitants are very unsophisticated. In addition to this, they speak an unintelligible dialect called “Ch’ti”. Poor Phillipe, he leaves his family and goes to work in the terrible Bergues. But… is it so bad after all? We’ll see that, but not before a series of hysterical events the main character goes through.

Personally, I found Welcome to the Land of Ch’tis hilarious. To begin with, it doesn’t have the typical sex jokes that are beginning to make me sick (come on, it’s not funny to make the same jokes every time!). But it is still comic in its own way. Especially when the differences in the dialects from the South and North of France cause a big confussion between the characters. The movie is also very touching at times.

Apart from this, I think the actors deserve a whole paragraph just for themselves 😛 They’re really good actors indeed. I particularly like Dany Boon (Antoine), he makes me laugh a lot, I’ve seen him in another movie (The Valet) and he was great there too. BTW, Dany Boon is also the director of this film, and a series of other ones. Kad Merad’s performance was remarkable as well. He has played a part in Les Choristes and the adaptation of the book Le Petit Nicolas.

↑ my favourite scene 😀

Finally, there’s the setting, which is absolutely beautiful and shows an interesting and attractive part of France (which is not Paris). As far as I know, the city where the movie was settled is in a region called Nord-Pas-de-Calais. As regards the soundtrack, I liked it very much. It sounds very French, I don’t know how to explain it, but it reminds me of Ratatouille 😀

In my view, this film is certainly worth seeing, so if you trust me I assure you’ll have a great time watching it! ☼

Watch the trailer ↓

– Written by GuadiRC –


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