Stars: ★★★★

Country:  USA 

Genre: Comedy – Teens

Creator: Lauren Iungerich

Cast: Ashley Rickards (Jenna Hamilton), Beau Mirchoff (Matty McKibben), Bret Davern (Jake Rosati)

Original run: 2011-present

Running time: 22 minutes (without commercials)

Looking for something to watch on TV this summer, my brother came across an MTV series called Awkward. I had my doubts, that channel doesn’t stand out for offering quality material. But I gave it a try anyway, I had seen the main actress play a secondary role on One Tree Hill and I wanted to see how she did here. I must say we were really surprised, as the show turned out to be very good. And entertaining!

The protagonist is fifteen-year-old Jenna Hamilton. She feels invisible to everybody, and more than anything she would like to stand out. The problem is, her popularity unexpectedly comes after an accident she has is mistaken as a suicide attempt. Not exactly the kind of popularity she was looking for. Now Jenna has to deal with her reputation and all the other problems that any teenager has. Boys, friends, bullies, parents, and the most important of all, figuring out what she wants and who she is.

Yeah, you may be thinking it’s just another teen show. And it is. But if that’s what you’re looking for, and still aren’t content with any crap, Awkward might be a good option. It is closer to comedy than it is to drama, what makes it differ from shows like The O.C. or One Tree Hill. What I like about it is that it makes me laugh, and it does it without getting too exaggerative and ridiculous, what is getting common in teen comedies these days (think of Glee and Suburgatory)Some characters in Awkward are a bit caricaturesque, but Jenna feels so real, human and natural, that she brings freshness to the show. It’s a character with whom you can feel identified. Not a rich popular kid, not a loser either, but a teen feeling out of place. Should she try to fit? Is that really worthy? Well, who hasn’t wondered this during their High School times.

Apart from this, Jenna feels fresh thanks to the actress who embodies her. Ashley Rickards doesn’t overact and makes her character believable. I buy it when Jenna looks sad, happy, sarcastic, disappointed, angry. And she’s beautiful without looking like a Barbie. I also like the rest of the characters, because many of them are quite unusual. Jenna’s parents are really young, as they got pregnant when they were teens. The short difference of age between them, makes her mother try to be more of a friend than a mother, and most of the times she’s even more immature than Jenna. Her evil nemesis Sadie is rich and popular, though not so much among boys, mainly due to her overweight problem. Matty McKibben, one of Jenna’s love interests, is that hot cool guy all the girls at school want, but he’s still worried about what others think of him, and that interfieres with his true feelings for Jenna. And then there’s Jake, Matty’s best friend. He’s a hot guy as well, but unlike Matty, he doesn’t worry that much about his reputation and doesn’t care if he looks like a fool. The only character I truly don’t like is Jenna’s friend Tamara, but that’s because the actress who plays her is very overacting.

I really enjoy watching Awkward, and every time I finish an episode I find myself willing for more. So far the series has only a first season consisting of 12 episodes and there’s already a contract for a second season. I hope it keeps as good as it started, I can’t wait to see more of the awkward Jenna Hamilton! ♡

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– Written by GuadiRC –


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