Stars: ★★★★★

Country: USA 

Genre: Drama – Medical

Directors: They’re too many, it’s pointless to mention them all. If you want to know them anyway, click here.

Cast: Hugh Laurie (Dr. House), Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. Wilson), Omar Epps (Dr. Foreman), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron), Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase), Olivia Wilde (Dr. “Thirteen” Hadley), Peter Jacobson (Dr. Taub).

Gregory House is a brilliant doctor who is in charge of diagnosing those difficult and weird cases that can’t be solved by anyone else. On the other hand, he’s a rule breaker who loves making sarcastic comments without caring about other people’s feelings and never misses the opportunity to tell his patiens how stupid they are. Oh! And he’s addicted to Vicodin. Quite a character, isn’t he?

¿Who’s House?

Perhaps, House’s daily bad mood and awful manner are due to the continuous pain he feels in one of his legs, which he manages with huge doses of Vicodin, a narcotic analgesic. But whatever the cause is, he carries problems to the whole Princeton-Painsboro Teaching Hospital (New Jersey), where he works. The Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, has to deal with House’s eccentricities everyday. She, the team of doctors House heads and even his unique friend Dr. Wilson, are targets of his usual sarcastic jokes. Not to mention his patiens, who are verbally attacked in the rare ocassions he visits them. However, the problems House carries are nothing compared to the ones he fixes. Because, after having passed through the hands of several doctors, apparently unsolvable cases are finally diagnosed by him.

More about the series

Through the (so far) six seasons of the series, House and his team of diagnosticians deal with hundreds of curious cases, one for each chapter. Thus, most of them could be perfectly seen individually. Nevertheless, I recommend you to watch the whole series from the beginning, since there’s a storyline between all the episodes. This has growing importance in the last seasons, leading up to some chapters which are predominantly or exclusively about the lives of the characters.

Each character has their own ways to see the different aspects of life, and there are usual discussions between them about topics like religion, sexuality, goodness, etc. that make you ask yourself what you think and who you agree with.

Every single aspect of the series is carefully thought. There are lots of funny moments (God, I LOVE the sarcasm! ♥), and some sad moments too, but in the perfect quantity. You know, once in a while, a couple of tears… but that’s it. This is not the kind of disturbing series that make you cry your eyes out and have all that drama. No, nothing to do with it, so I’m not sure to say it belongs to the  “drama” genre, but let’s keep it like that. Sometimes, it also leaves a big smile on your face when the sweet part of the characters is revealed. House shows all these very different feelings, but never in excess.

I have talked to some (real) doctors and people who are studying medicine and they all told me that House’s mind is exaggeratedly brilliant and none human can be like that, capable to discover the cause of an illness knowing just one symptom. But after all, that’s what it is about, don’t you think so? House is supposed to be different from everyone else, he has a kind of gift. Anyway, he doesn’t actually solve mysteries knowing such little about them, we can see a whole process behind. It must sound like producers pay me to defend the series, but I don’t care if it is exaggerative, distant from reality or anything. The mayority of people haven’t studied Medicine at University, so we can enjoy it without problems 🙂

My recommendation

As Vicodin is addictive for House, he’s addictive for me. I could watch an episode after the other, all day long, and I wouldn’t get tired of it. This outstanding series which caught me from the very beginning has become my favourite one. Far.

If you have watched just one or two chapters on the TV (maybe not paying much attention to it) and you think you don’t like it, I tell you: you should give it a second chance. Sit comfortably on your favourite spot, relax and start since the first season. It’s worth it. If on the contrary, you’re already addicted to it, I tell you: don’t go to rehab. It’s not worth it.

Watch the trailer ↓

  • Two decades before, Hugh Laurie (along with Stephen Fry) had his own TV Show on the BBC, called A Bit of Fry & Laurie. Click here to read its review.
    – Written by GuadiRC –

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