Modern Family

Stars: ★★★★1/2

Country:  USA 

Genre: Comedy

Creator: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd

Cast: Ty Burrell (Phil), Julie Bowen (Claire), Sarah Hyland (Haley), Ariel Winter (Alex), Nolan Gould (Luke), Ed O’Neill (Jay), Sofía Vergara (Gloria), Rico Rodriguez (Manny), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell), Eric Stonestreet (Cameron)

Original run: 2009-present

.                                                            Running time: 22 minutes (without commercials)

I really don’t know why, but ever since Modern Family was aired on television I had always avoided it. I just thought it would be one of those new not-at-all-funny sitcoms that come out every year. But once again I had the pleasure to be fooled and remember how stupid I am to misjudge something when I haven even tried it. This series is as modern as the family it portraits, and one of the most hilarious shows I’ve seen in a long time.

In Modern Family there are no protagonists. All the characters are equally important, an they all have their camera time. So let me introduce them to you. The patriarch of the family is Jay, an old man married to a much younger and beautiful Colombian woman called Gloria, whose romantic child Manny behaves more like an adult than the eleven-year-old he is. From his first marriage, Jay’s got a daugther named Claire and a gay son called Mitchell, who lives with his dramatic partner Cameron and their adopted Vietnamese baby girl. Claire’s married to Phil, a self-proclaimed “cool dad”, with whom he raises their three children: typical adolescent Haley (15), nerdy Alex (14) and not so bright Luke (11). Gotten lost already? Check out this family tree.

Waiting for the toilet in an EW photoshoot

The good thing is that all the characters have very interesting personalities and they all manage to make me laugh. That is, I believe, the main advantage of the show, nobody in it is boring. But of course, I have my favourite one. The best character, far, is in my opinion Phil Dunphy. Always trying to be a cool modern dad and completely failing in the attempt (the latter of which he often does not realize). The man’s a genius, that’s what he is. I got to the point that I just have to see him to start laughing like an idiot. Just love him. The youngests of the show really deserve a chapter apart as well. The four of them are extremely funny! But I’m not going to talk about the best about each character, because I can think of at least one good thing about everybody, and that would take me too long. Let’s shut myself up here and continue.

Apart from being individually awesome, the characters of Modern Family work really well as a whole. Together, they are hilarious and sweet.

The Dunphys wearing milk mustaches for a Got Milk? ad.

I love the way Mitchell and Cameron complement each other, one being a more sensible and low-key man, and the other being a total drama queen. Gloria, remembering you (and me!) not to judge a book by its cover, because yes, she’s sexy and she’s married to an old man of money, but she’s not a gold-digger whatsoever. She truly loves Jay, and adores her son, who she supports in every single (and ridiculous) thing he does. And the Dunphys? Oh the Dunphys. Phil and Claire may have their differences, many of them due to Phil behaving like a kid, but aren’t they just the perfect couple? Not to mention their three children, who make up such a favourable group for the never-ending siblings fights.


The series is depicted in Mockumentary style, so you can often see the characters talk directly to the cameras while they sit on a couch, or sharing conspirational looks with the audience. I think that this format works really well with the show, making it even more appealing and fresh than it already is. I was afraid that the single-camera setup would make me dizzy as usual, but as it is not overused in this series, it doesn’t annoy me at all. Oh, and to all of those who hate laugh tracks, forget about them, there aren’t any in Modern Family!

Just Phil being incredibly hilarious ^^

So I think I’ve said everything I had to say about this show. Modern Family has ultimately completed my idea of happyness: caffe latte in one hand, yummy cookies in the other, comfy couch on which to sit, and twenty minutes of the funniest family on air! Totally recommended.☺

Watch the trailer ↓

– Written by GuadiRC –


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  2. Ipodman says:

    I love Modern Family too, everyone in this show is so funny! 😀

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