One Tree Hill



Country: USA 

Genre: Drama

Director: Mark Schwahn (Creator) and others.

Cast: Chad Michael Murray (Lucas), James Lafferty (Nathan), Hilarie Burton (Peyton), Sophia Bush (Brooke), Bethany Joe Galeotti (Haley).


During high school Dan Scott had a relationship with Lucas’ mother Karen Roe. When she got pregnant he left her, because he strived for a professional basketball career. In college he met Nathan’s mother Deb Lee, who also got pregnant. Because of an injury he had to stop playing basketball; so he married Deb and became a car dealer. Nathan grew up with both of his parents while Karen had to rise up her son Lucas by her own and only got support by Dan’s brother Keith.

Seventeen years later, Nathan and Lucas go to the same school but don’t even talk to each other. But why would they, anyway? Nathan is the captain of the Ravens (the basketball team of his school) and one of the most popular guys in Tree Hill, while Lucas only plays basketball in his free time at the court along the river, and is almost invisible to everyone else. But everything changes when the coach of the Ravens discovers Lucas’ talent and asks him to join the team. This obviously angers Nathan, who tries to do whatever it takes to avoid having Lucas playing at his side. It doesn’t matter if this involves taking Lucas’  best friend Haley just to annoy him. Lucas isn’t that innocent either, because he doesn’t miss the opportunity to flirt with Nathan’s girlfriend Peyton.

There are lots of other characters whose stories are told, but we don’t want to tell you too much about it, so we’ll skip directly to our personal  opinion.  All in all we really like the series, but it has ups and downs, just like life. For example, we don’t like the first chapters so much (it looks pretty superficial), however, it gets better with time and makes you addicted. But… What do we like most about One Tree Hill?

To begin with, there are characters and stories of every kind. The evil, the single mother, the smart, the vanilla, the cheerleader, the thoughtful, the marriage that keeps up appearences and the true love; no matter where you are in life, you’ll always find someone to identify with. Another thing we like a lot is the fact that Lucas introduces and finishes a lot of episodes  with reflections of his own, sometimes quoting a famous person. The music in the series plays a big part, the soundtrack is great and includes both well-known and unknown bands and singers (click here to see a great web of the music of the show). BTW, we love the theme song, I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw. We also like the shooting a lot, because of the colours and the beautiful close-up shots.

We really recommend One Tree Hill, especially to teenagers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And just one more thing: If you can, imagine the series finishes with the sixth season… from the seven they screw it all up :/ ♡

The intro of the series ♥ ↓

– Written by Jana Alice & GuadiRC –


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