The Middle

Stars: ★★★★1/2

Country: USA 

Genre: Comedy – Sitcom

Director: Julie Anne Robinson

Cast: Patricia Heaton (Frankie), Neil Flynn (Mike), Atticus Shaffer (Brick), Eden Sher (Sue), Charlie McDermott (Axl)


A time ago, I started watching The Middle regularly, in packs of three or four episodes a day. The bad thing about doing this is that I ran out of episodes pretty fast, and now I have to wait a whole week for a new one to come. So I decided that, in the meantime, I could write a review and tell you why The Middle makes me laugh so much.

Frankie Heck, emboded by Patricia Heaton (or “Raymond’s wife” if you prefer it like that), narrates her day to day life and struggles to go on despite all the problems she has to face. Thanks God she has the help of her (very tall) husband Mike, because otherwise it would be kind of impossible to deal with her three problematic children. Their teenage boy Axl is extremely lazy and rarely does anything else apart from watching TV on his underwear. Thirteen-year-old Sue, who wears braces and any other thing that makes her look ridiculous, is a good-for-nothing but also very optimistic girl that never gives up. And finally, there’s the youngest child Brick, who is very intelligent and loves reading, but is also socially awkward and whispers to himself once in a while. You may think that the Heck family is pathetic, and let me tell you the truth, you’re absolutely right xD

Nevertheless, a touch of optimism is added at the end of every episode, showing you that their struggles are worth it after all and that family is the most valuable of things. Frankie may find the happy side of her life in tiny little things, even stupid, but I think it is very sweet, really. Plus, it draws a smile on your face whenever you finish watching an episode.

Apart from that, this is one of those sitcoms that makes me laugh out loud (and I mean VERY LOUD) even if I’m not in a mood. Like Friends, or The Big Bang Theory. I think that it is mainly because I find so many things of the Hecks in my own family. Like my parents asking me gently to wake up and finally spraying water on my face after several attemps. Or my mum saying: “from now on, I won’t yell anymore” and yelling again five minutes later. It’s just so funny to see your own everyday life on the screen. Besides, the characters are  hilarious and the acting from the cast is pretty good. I particularly like Brick’s character. I simply love that boy.

I hope this is enough to make you at least a bit interested in The Middle, if you don’t know it already. I totally recommend the series, since I always have a great time watching it myself 😀

– Written by GuadiRC –


4 Responses to The Middle

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  2. Julieta says:

    Congrats on this review! I just wanted to say I fully agree with what you wrote because I also love watching this series, and I know it makes everybody laugh.

  3. fictionworms says:

    🙂 Yeah, the only bad thing is that now I have to wait so much time for new episodes! haha. BTW, isn’t Brick cute in that photo? 😀
    See you around! -Guadi.

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