The Vampire Diaries

Stars: ★★★★

Country: USA

Genre: Supernatural -Fantasy

Director: Marcos Siega

Cast: Nina Dobrev (Elena), Paul Wesley (Stefan), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Katerina Graham (Bonnie), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), Sara Canning (Jenna)

 What happens if two brothers fall in love with the same girl? Stefan and Damon Salvatore hate each other for things which happened a long time ago. When they come back to their home town, Mystic Falls (Virginia), it seems that history is repeating itself…

Four month after the horrible car accident in which the parents of 17-year-old Elena Gilbert died, she and her brother, Jeremy, are trying to have a normal live. They’re now living with their aunt, Jenna Sommers, and still going to Mystic-Falls Highschool.

Elena always was the charming, all-American girl adored by the whole school and surrounded by her friends, but since the death of her parents nothing is the same. Everyday she tries to hide her sadness from all her mates, her family and herself.

Things change when the arcane Stefan Salvatore comes to her school who is soon the spotlight of the whole school. Elena falls for him, and it seems that he also falls in love with her. Everything seems to be perfect. What she can’t know is that Stefan isn’t a normal teenager. To be precise, he is a centuries-old vampire.

And what about Stefan’s brother Damon? Why is Elena a dead ringer of Katherine, the girl the brothers fell in love with a long time ago? Not even the best friend of Elena, Bonnie, is what she seems to be… After a little while nothing is like it used to be in Mystic Falls.

A week ago the first season finished and I really can’t wait for the second. I like this series pretty much because of the riveting story. In every episode something unexpected happens and I love Damon’s ironic jokes.♡

– Written by Jana Alice –


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