2012 Reading Challenges

This year, I decided to sign up for three different Reading Challenges. Here I’ll keep the record of my progress, and every time I read one book from the list, I’ll write a review of it and link it here. I haven’t chosen which books I’m going to read yet, because I want to decide that along the way. It is quite exciting, haven’t you thought of signing up too? So, these are the Challenges! :]

Sci-Fi Reading Challenge

“Want to challenge yourself to read outside your comfort zone in 2012? Like science fiction but tend to put off reading it? Are you a total geek but never really take the time to read?” That’s exactly why I joined this challenge. I almost never read Science Fiction but I want to get a bit more into the genre, and besides, I couldn’t say no to that cute Stormtrooper on the left 😛 The idea is to read one Sci-Fi book of your choice per month, though you can also go for a lower number. I’ll read the ones I have at home, and maybe I’ll even buy some new ones. Challenge hosted by Curiosity Killed the Bookworm.

Books I’ve read so far:

  1. January: Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne
  2. February: The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells
  3. March: The Invisible Man, by H.G. Wells
  4. April: –
  5. May: –
  6. June: –
  7. July: –
  8. August: –
  9. September: –
  10. October: –
  11. November: –
  12. December: –

Graphic Novels Challenge

“Whatever kind you like to read, as long as it has a comic balloon or two we’ll classify it as a Graphic Novel, even if it’s non-fiction!” I chose this challenge because the only graphic novels I ever read were the Asterix and Obelix when I was a kid. The same as with Sci-Fi, I want to know more about the genre. And who knows, perhaps I happen to like it! Once again, the goal is reading 12 books throughout the year. Challenge hosted by Nicola.

Books I’ve read so far:

  1. The Walking Dead, Vol 1: Days Gone Bye, by Robert Kirkman
  2. El Eternauta, by Héctor Germán Oesterheld
  3. The Walking Dead, Vol 2: Miles Behind Us, by Robert Kirkman
  4. Scott Pilgrim, Vol 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, by Bryan Lee O’Malley
  5. Scott Pilgrim, Vol 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Back to Classics Challenge

I feel more in the comfort zone with this one. It is such a beautiful challenge! The goal is to read nine books from the categories specified below :]

Challenge hosted by Sarah Reads Too Much.


Books I’ve read so far:

  1. Any 19th Century Classic: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
  2. Any 20th Century Classic: –
  3. Reread a classic of your choice: –
  4. A Classic Play: –
  5. Classic Mystery/Horror/Crime Fiction: –
  6. Classic Romance: –
  7. Read a Classic that has been translated from its original language to your language: –
  8. Classic Award Winner: –
  9. Read a Classic set in a Country that you will not visit during your lifetime: The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri

Goodreads Reading Challenge

In addition, I decided to sign up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. The goal is to read a certain number of books, no matter the genre. I challenged myself to read 60 books this 2012 (average of 5 books a month). I have never read so many books in a year, but I think I can accomplish it!

Wish me good luck 🙂


5 Responses to 2012 Reading Challenges

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  2. Good luck to you! I can’t wait to see the books you choose!

  3. Ben says:

    It’s good to hear you pledged your commitment on these challenges. I hope you do achieve it. If that challenges is not enough, look up into goodreads.com. I signed up for a challenge of 40 books this 2011 year but I only finish around 15. ha ha what a bummer. Don’t be like me. XD

    • fictionworms says:

      Thank you Ben 😀 I was just thinking about that goodreads challenge, I’m going to do it as well! Besides, the books I read for the other three challenges count for this one as well. Anyway, I think I have to wait until 2012 to sign up 😛 BTW, are you on goodreads? I have an account there.

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