The Big Bang Theory

A geeky style

Just because you are as smart as The Big Bang Theory‘s characters doesn’t mean you’re out of fashion. Well, maybe it does. But we cannot deny their style is quite original and even fun! So, here is a comment on the outfits of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and (although she is not a “nerd”) their friend Penny. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

← The Big Bang style I like most is Sheldon‘s, especially because of his original T-shirts. They’re very colourful and have varied prints, such as geometric designs, pictures of superheroes, math symbols and science stuff. And it’s a rule: he always wears a short-sleeved one with an other long-sleeved underneath. He usually completes his outfit with squared trousers and sneakers. 



Leonard wears hooded jackets (often two at the same time) and a black pair of Converse trainers. He has his heavy-framed glasses all the time, what gives him a more “nerdy look”.  →

← Then again, there’s the “onion look”. Rajesh is under what seems to be a great number of layers and layers of clothes. T-shirt + shirt + sweater + jacket is never too much for him. As Howard, he usually wears slip-on trainers.


← Howard‘s outfits are very extravagant. A shirt with a turtleneck underneath and skinny trousers, all in shocking colours. Not to mention a wide and showy belt. Apart from this, he has a Beatle like hair cut.

Finally, there’s Penny, who couldn’t be just overlooked. She has a quite simple style: the Cheesecake Factory uniform for work and short dresses with high heeled shoes to go out. I find her daily outfit very peculiar, since it includes shorts and boots (yes, at the same time!). ↓

Each character of the series has their own ways to dress and they’re all really original. But it is not just their looks what brings originality to them, but also their particular personalities. So, once again, don’t miss the chance to follow this awsome TV program!

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3 Responses to The Big Bang Theory

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  2. Bluej says:

    great post! Ive never watched the show but it seems really funny and cool.

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