Two and a Half Men

This is one of those series that makes you wonder whether the characters’ wardrobes are full of identical items, because they always dress the same way. Every character of Two and a Half Men has their own style and FictionWorms is here to talk about it! Below, a comment on the outfits of Charlie, Alan, Jake, Evelyn, Bertha and Rose.

Let’s begin with Charlie. The man is a lover of bowling shirts, you can take account of that at first sight. He hardly ever wears something different from these shirts, which are usually the same shape and design, varying only in colour. He completes his outfit with beige bermudas and moccasins, and a pair of white socks.


His brother Alan prefers a striped polo T-shirt in bright colours, or a striped/squared shirt. The thing is he always wears it inside his trousers, and covers his feet with leather shoes.

 Another interesting item in Alan’s wardrobe are his colourful pyjamas (usually squared too).

We’ve talked about the two men, now we go with the “half”.

Jake‘s favourite outfit consists of a pair of bermudas, a printed T-shirt and big trainers. Though he has grown up considerably since the first season of the series, I’ve seen little change in his style through the years.


But I’m not over, ladies and gentlemen, because three more characters in Two and a Half Men claim their space here. I’m talking about Evelyn, Bertha and Rose. Three women who have second roles in the show but still are a big part of it and have very particular ways of dressing.

← If you came across Charlie and Alan’s mum, for instance, you would realize that she’s a very elegant woman, not only because of her manner, but also because of her style. Evelyn Harper always wears a bright colour suit and matches it with high heeled shoes.

On the other side we have Bertha, the rude woman who cleans Charlie’s house, though the last thing she does there is cleaning the place. But still, she’s being paid to do that, so she has to wear comfortable clothes. Like a cotton T-shirt, a waistcoat and a pair of trousers. ↓


← But if we’re gonna talk about original outfits, the award is for Rose, Charlie’s neighbour and… stalker! She usually wears embroidered cardigans, skirts, and ballerina shoes (often with socks), everything very colourful. This way of dressing (added to her way of speaking and peaceful way of being) makes her look quite naive, though the adjective that may describe her best is actually “ridiculous”.


This is it by the moment, hope you’ve enjoyed our second FashionWorms article (the one about The Big Bang Theory was the first) and, as always, feel free to leave any comments below! ☺


7 Responses to Two and a Half Men

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  2. Julieta says:

    Very original, girls!

  3. Brenda says:

    I loved the article, is so funny 🙂
    I watch the serie always I can and my favourite character is Rose, though I didn’t see very often in the newer chapters.. her style and clothes have always caught my attention and although I agree with you when you called her ridiculous I like her and I would love to have any of her embroidered cardigans 😀
    the other character I like most is Jake, he always make me laugh his style is normal I mean he wears clothes that most teenagers usually wear.. and I think that he get more handsome over time haha
    Finally, about Alan I think you forgot to talk about his ridiculous underwear, in some chapters you can see it and I always laugh at them because they are old and worn

    • fictionworms says:

      Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by 😉 I also like Rose’s character, and I love the fact that she always plots with Jake. The boy is great too, I think that along with Alan, they’re the best of the series. It is a shame that the series was cancelled, isn’t it? My dad thinks that this is mainly marketing and the series will continue later, but with a much bigger audience. Well, that would be great, because I love Two and a Half Men, but I’m not sure that will happen, to say the truth 😛
      I hadn’t realized about Alan’s underwear! When I read what you wrote, an image of Alan in his underpants arranging his hair in front of a mirror came to my head xD
      Then again, thank you for reading this article and telling us your opinions! Xoxo :]

  4. Brenda says:

    hahaha you’re right, it would be great if the series continue… but i’m not sure either 😛
    I like very much your articles! Good luck girls 😉

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