What a cliché!

It’s Friday night and you have nothing special to do but just stay at home and relax. Let’s watch a movie on television. You take off your shoes, sit comfortably on the couch, turn on the TV and start zapping from channel to channel.

Horror movie. Girl  goes out of the toilet, washes her hands, dry them… and when she looks at the mirror to arrange her hair: Oh my god!! The reflection of the bad guy! (Damn, as if I didn’t expected it, let’s change the channel). Action film. Ten seconds to deactivate the bomb. Look for the right wire. Eight seconds. Drops of sweat run down forehead. Five seconds. Which is the one?! Three. Two. One. Cut any of the wires. Countdown stops just before it reaches 00:00 (Why all the heroes have so much luck to do it right in the last second?, change the channel again). A romance. Church full of people. Groom waiting at the altar. Classic wedding song. Everybody is excited. But… the bride doesn’t appear (Yes, weddings in real life usually go this way, didn’t you know so?).

I mean, couldn’t you be a little bit more original??!

But apparently, there are so many films it’s hard not to repeat some classic scenes. Sometimes annoying, others even funny, clichés appear not only in movies, but also in series and books. So here there is this section, where we comment and give examples of the tritest clichés in fiction. We would like you to participate by telling us where else you have seen them. Hope you like it! ☺

Choose one of the following clichés and read the article ↓

Ha! You thought I had fallen, didn’t you!

I love you ♥ (thanks?)

I’m telling you something wrong is about to happen!

No, no! We’re not… gay

The twins exchange

Wait… isn’t it over?!!!


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