I love you ♥ (thanks?)

(This is it. This is the right moment. Take a deep breath and say it!)

– I love you! ♥

– Me too!

Big hug and kissing and bla bla bla. But what if the answer wasn’t “me too”. What if instead, there was a long silence or just a “thank you”? This is what happens!

1) The OC: Ryan & Marissa

This was the first of many times that I watched the LoveYou-ThankYou scene. Marissa says it to Ryan in The O.C. But Ryan has never said it before. It’s not that easy to him. He cannot do it, he’s not ready! So, what does he answer? Yeah, you guessed it.


 2) The Big Bang Theory: Leonard & Penny

When I saw the scene again in The Big Bang Theory, I came up with the idea of this article. It was exactly the same! It was at the beginning of chapter #19, season 3: Leonard makes this important confession and Penny has a peculiar reaction to it. Watch the video!



 3) Greek: Rusty & Jen K

Rusty thinks a lot about how to say the L word. His friend Cappie even tells him not to do it. But Rusty doesn’t mind. He lets his girlfriend Jen know about his feelings. And everything wrong that could happen… well, happens.


4) Friends: Ross & Emily

In the episode #17 of the sitcom Friends‘ forth season, Ross follows his sister Monica’s advice and says “I love you” to Emily, just before she gets the airplane and goes to England. This was suposed to be the end of their relationship, but Ross decides to express his feelings. The problem is… Emily only thanks him for that and goes to England anyway. Watch the video!



5) Two and a Half Men

When everybody thought he would never ever mention this words, Charlie Harper comes and says “I love you” to Chelsea. It’s in chapter #17 of the sixth season, called “The ‘Ocu’ or the ‘Pado’?”, pretty funny BTW. Chelsea can’t quite believe it at first, but when Charlie repeats it, she is only able to say the sacred “thank you”. The worst thing is that Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre is the same one who did The Big Bang Theory! (check out cliché number 2 ↑).

I’ve seen this cliché five times so far. How many times have you seen it? Tell us about it and we’ll keep making the list bigger (: And let’s hope this stays in fiction and doesn’t happen to any of us in real life! ♡


4 Responses to I love you ♥ (thanks?)

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  3. kika23 says:

    There is a scene of this kind also in New Girl, episode 1×09. Sorry, I didn’t find the video only with the scene but it is in the promo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-UZkt61n5k)

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