No, no! We’re not… gay

Two absolutely straight men that, due to varied misunderstandings, are thought to be gay.  The insinuation that they’re a couple and their later desesperate denial. At the beginning it was funny. But as I kept seeing this scene over and over again in different movies and series, well… it started to become a cliché.

1) Friends

In Friends episode The One With The Baby On The Bus, Joey and Chandler babysit Ross’ son Ben. When they are about to get into a taxicab, the two friends see a pair of attractive women waiting for the bus, so they decide to go after them. Once in the bus, they seem to be a success with these women. Until one of them asks: “So what are you guys out doing today?” and Joey answers: “Oh we’re not out. No, no. We’re just uh, two heterosexual guys, hanging with the son of our other heterosexual friend, doing the usual straight guy stuff.” Watch the video 🙂

2) The Big Bang Theory

The title of the episode says it all: The Imaginary Homo Relationship. There are lots of jokes in The Big Bang Theory in connection to Raj and Howard’s relationship. They’re not homosexual at all, but you would think so if you observed them for a while. And Leonard’s mother definitely thinks it to. Moreover, she’s convinced they’re gay, doesn’t give up and keeps analysing their relationship. Wanna watch the video?


3) Two and a Half Men

I am completely sure I’ve seen this cliché in Two and a Half Men. A woman thinks Charlie and Alan are a gay couple, but in which episode? Sorry, I just can’t remember. I guess one day I’ll watch it again and then I will be able to say in which episode it was. But maybe you do remember and in that case it would be great if you told me about it.


4) Little Fockers

You certainly see this one coming, I did when I saw it on the cinema. But no matter how many times you have seen this cliché, Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller know how to refresh it. Watch it for yourself ↓


That’s it for now, but though I’m tired of it and hope I’ll never see it again… I am sure this cliché won’t stop appearing. If you’ve seen it anywhere else, feel free to leave a comment below telling us about it, and we’ll add it to the list! ♡


3 Responses to No, no! We’re not… gay

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  2. Julieta says:

    Great review! I’ve also noticed this! Another series that always played with this idea is Frasier. You may recall the many times the two bothers were mistaken for a gay couple. Anyway, I love this series no matter what, ha ha ha!

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