I’m telling you something wrong is about to happen!

How many times has the main character of a story tried to warn the authorities about a forthcoming disaster, which eventually occurs, without being succesful? We’ll tell you how many! (as far as we know, of course, we’re not God to tell you the exact number :P)

Be careful if you don’t want to know important details about the following books and movies. There may be spoilers.


1) The Day After Tomorrow

In The Day After Tomorrow, paleoclimatologist Jack Hall (Denis Quaid) presents at a United Nations conference his findings about how global warming could trigger an abrupt and catastrophic climate change on Earth. Nevertheless, diplomates are unconvinced by Jack’s theory and then it is too late to prevent anything when the catastrophe actually occurs.


2) Dante’s Peak

Something quite similar happens with volcanologist Dr. Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) in Dante’s Peak. He strongly believes that there’s going to be volcanic activity near the town of Dante’s Peak and calls a meeting to discuss putting the town on alert. Unfortunately, his boss decides against the alert, claiming Harry’s just overreacting because the loss of his wife in a volcanic eruption. Once they discover Harry was right and decide to evacuate the town, the eruption has already begun.


3) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In the fifth book of the famous wizard series, the Ministry of Magic and many others in the magical world regard Harry as crazy because of his conviction that Voldemort is back. They refuse to believe that the evil wizard has returned, and the few that follow Harry have to get prepared in secret. Finally, at the end of the book everybody finds out that Harry was right and Voldemort wasn’t dead at all, but this doesn’t happen without leaving lamentable consequences behind.



4) El Internado

The same happens to a history teacher in the Spanish series “El Internado”. He knows there’s some evil creature in the forest, near the school. He warns the director and looks for evidence to prove it, but he’s expelled from the school as an answer. Nevertheless, some students think he may be right and start investigating, finding out that everything he had said was true.

5) Watership Down

This cliché also applies for rabbits, like in Richard Adam’s book. In the Sundleford warren, a little rabbit called Fiver has the horrible feeling that their home will be destroyed. He’s never wrong about this kind of things, so his brother Hazel believes him, but they fail to convince the Chief rabbit, who refuses to evacuate. Only a few follow them in their journey to a better place, and a couple more when humans do destroy the enterely Sundleford warren.


We’d like you to leave a reply below, telling us where else you have seen this cliché, so that we can add more examples to the article 🙂 Thank you so much!


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