Best series theme songs

In my view, one of the best things of watching a series is listening to the opening credits songs, as most of them are really nice and catching. It’s a pity that the fashion now is introducing every episode with a black background and the name of the programme. Sometimes there’s a short sound but others… just silence. Here I chose my favourites, however, you are free to give your opinion and tell us about others that deserve to be here!

Some theme songs are so powerful and catching that you can’t help it (well, at least, I can’t): you take a deep breath and sing aloud at the beginning of every single chapter. This is what happens to me when I hear California by Phantom Planet, which was the theme song for The O.C.

And that’s also the case of Gavin DeGraw’s I Don’t Want To Be. But once again, it wasn’t anymore in One Tree Hill by its fourth season. A shame, really. I loved the series’ intro. Did you know Gavin himself appears in some chapters of the series? Yeah, he sings I Don’t Want To Be twice, I think. In the first and fifth season. Here is the official video of the song.

Other songs have wonderful lyrics. I’ll Be There for You by The Rembrandts talks about, no matter how awful your friend’s day is, you will always support them. And it matches perfectly with the magnificient sitcom Friends.

Another song that I like really much is History Of Everything. Baranaked Ladies created this peculiar piece of music specially for The Big Bang Theory, and then made a larger version (that’s the one in the following video). The main characters of the series are a gang of nerds, so the song tells the whole history of the world. Yes, from the Big Bang!

And finally, there’s Little Boxes, a 1962 song which was chosen to be in the opening credits of Weeds. The first season used the original version by Malvina Reynolds, but the second and third used covers by several different musicians and bands, such as Regina Spektor and Linkin Park. Interesting, don’t you think so? Actually, I’ve never seen Weeds, but my English teacher (who is adicted to series as my blog-partner and me) once brought Little Boxes in a CD to work with it. My classmates didn’t like it that much, but I loved it!

Here is quite a cute stop-motion video I found (with a cover by The Shins), representing what inspired the political activist Malvina Reynolds to write the song. According to what I’ve read and my teacher has told me, she was driving through the suburbs looking for a specific place when she realized it was imposible to find it between all those houses which looked exactly the same; and that’s how she got the idea.

Well, that’s it for now. I mean for now, because I hope you know other great theme songs and you’ll tell us about them, and also because there may be some new series which still introduce their episodes following the traditional style. ♫


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